The Sunset Bar: Enjoy a cocktail accompanied by an incredible view of the setting sun.

The Moonlight Bar: A perfect Jazzy lounge to appreciate an after dinner drink.

Our sala overlooking the Mekong houses our restaurant, bar, reception, and lounge area. The bar and lounge are positioned to make the most of the landscape and the comings and goings of the boats below, while you enjoy a glass of wine and a chat with friends.

As evening falls, you can watch the elephants from the camp situated across the river, or the herd of water buffalo that come to drink and bathe in the cool waters of the Mekong.

Comfortably seated on plush sofas, you can sample your choice of BeerLao (the locals' favorite beverage), Lao Lao (a whisky made from rice alcohol), or a Green Naga (the Lodge's signature cocktail).


The Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge has two restaurants overlooking the Mekong River.

“The Moonlight” caters for the Superior Rooms  and suggests tasty fresh Lao set menus using seasonal produce from our organic farm

“The Sunset”, which is located on top of the hill, caters for the Deluxe rooms and the Suites but is also open to outside guests. A menu a la carte is available to discover the pleasures of fine dining in Pakbeng where the spices of Laos and western flavors meet up in a charming atmosphere.

Both locations house a bar and a lounge area with free Wi-Fi.

A selection of French & Chilean wines is available to accompany your meal, as well as local Lao whisky.

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